We currently have two types of gift vouchers available. Online gift vouchers and physical gift vouchers.

You can purchase the online gift vouchers on the website and receive them by email. You will not receive physical gift vouchers. To purchase an online gift voucher, you can choose collection during checkout, but be aware that you will not receive a gift voucher at one of our collection points.
You can only use the online gift vouchers to pay for orders via our website.

You can buy physical gift vouchers in our store in the Kraanlei or our store in the Kon. Elisabethlaan. You cannot use these gift vouchers to pay for an online order.
You can pay with it in our Julie's House stores.

€ 2.50 2.5 EUR
€ 10.00 10.0 EUR / stuk
€ 20.00 20.0 EUR / stuk
€ 50.00 50.0 EUR / stuk