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Sending a voucher by post costs €2. The date you'll choose in your shopping cart, is the date we'll post your voucher. The delivery takes 2-3 working days.


Want to treat your peers at school? Treat your family and friends? We can't individually package your cupcakes/pies in advance, but we love to offer you our lovely packages.

Julie's Totebags

  • Julie's Totebag

    In our small bag our small boxes fit perfectly, in our big bags our big boxes are a match made in heaven.
    Tip: Swing by every first sunday of the month with your Julie's House Totebag and receive a present.

Post card

  • Postcard with personal text

    Write down your personal message (max 30 words) in remarks in our shopping cart.
    We'll write it down with love on your postcard!